Detroit Manufacturing Systems - Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Manufacturing Systems needed a way to secure multiple entrances to their manufacturing facility.

We were extremely honored to have been chosen by Detroit Manufacturing Systems to provide Turnstile Entry with EntraPass and Fargo Photo-ID Badging.

About a year after the exterior installation, DMS contracted with us again to put in additional Access Control inside their buildings.

Detroit Manufacturing Systems Turnstile Entry with EntraPASS Access Control and Fargo Photo-ID Badging

Completed Photos - December 20th, 2014

About DMS

DMS is a large-scale manufacturing facility that provides critical supplies and jobs to thousands. They offer Program Management, Launch Management, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Inventory & Warehousing, and Quality System Management services.

They are an amazing company headed by Ms. Andra Rush.

Installation Progress Photos: North Dock - Week # 1

Main Employee Entrance - Week # 2

Employee Entrance 2 - Week # 2

EntraPASS Wiring and Project Completion - December 2014

Interior Access Control Installation - March 2016

About a year after the exterior installation, DMS contracted with us to put additional Access Control equipment inside their buildings.

(5) EntraPASS KT-1 Door Access Kits

(3) EntraPASS KT-1 Fence Gate Kits

in their existing facility and in the new office facility, Building H, they got

(3) EntraPASS KT-1 Door Access Kits

Thank You to Everyone in Michigan

Thank You – The Installation Team really enjoyed their time on this project.

Jesse James Moses Sr celebrated his 51st Bday while working.

Caleb McAllister celbrated his 19th Bday while working.

They had their Bday Dinner at Logan’s and said it was AWESOME.

Heritage Bakery delivered a DOUBLE CHOCOLATE Cream-Filled Cake to them for their Bdays.

Jesse said Clayton’s Kitchen has great tasting lunch and the people are so nice.


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