Wenatchee Washington Public Utilities – Wenatchee, WA

Wenatchee Washington Public Utilities – Wenatchee, WA The Public Utilities building of the city of Wentachee contracted with TURNSTILES.us to install a full-height glass turnstile with anti-tailgating detection and proximity card access control. EntraPass Global Edition Workstation RD70 Glass Turnstile Anti-Tailgate System Proximity Card Readers << Back to Installations

Westgate Resort Water Park – Kissimmee, FL

Westgate Resort Shipwreck Island Water Park – Kissimmee, FL FastPass FP500 Tripod FastPass FP500 ADA KT 400 Controllers &RFID Readers EntraPass Global Edition Workstation Water Park Google Earth View MIFARE RFID​ Wrist Bands MIFARE RFID​ Wrist Bands EntraPass RFID Kit Water Park Entry System Schematics Park Location Schematic

Wood PLC -Saint James, LA

Wood PLC Methane Plant – Saint James, Louisiana Wood PLC contracted us to install a four-door shelter for two tandem turnstiles with access control electronics and lighting.