Triangle Assets 369 Lexington Ave – New York, NY

369 Lexington Ave – New York, NY 369 Lexington Ave contracted with to provide and install our OBSG – Optical Barrier Swing Glass Turnstile with EntraPASS Global Edition Computer System and our IP Based KT-400 Turnstile Controller. Our EntraPASS Global Edition Access Control System allowed the building tenants to keep their Proximity Card in […]

Telemundo – Miami, FL

Telemundo – Miami, Florida Telemundo’s new center in Miami had us secure their entryway with an Optical Anti-Tailgating System. This uses optical sensors to detect entry, alerting security of any unauthorized entry. Wiring Diagram Anti-Tailgating Drawing Work Order Day 1 – Main Lobby Day 2 Day 2/3 Completed Work