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US Federal Bureau of Prisons

Our Inmate Meal Tracking Systems are repeatedly proven effective and are being utilized at numerous government facilities.

– CatRAX FIT tripod turnstiles

– Fingerprint scanning and barcode systems

– EntraPass Global Edition Software and Hardware

EntraPass Inmate Meal Tracking is on our GSA Schedule

"I would say money well spent couldn't be more pleased. Of course the inmates hate it but I love it!! It has cut our food cost down dramatically and I've even had to scale the recipes back so yeah great system dear!"
Dwight Ingle
Assistant Food Service Administrator, FCI Manchester
Federal Bureau of Prisons, Manchester, KY 40962
"The food service administrator reports he's already seeing an improvement in the amount of food he's having to prepare for the noon meal. The system will pay for itself sooner than expected. I think we're making 200 fewer meals per day at lunch.”
George "Joe" Knox
Computer Services, FMC Butner
Buntner, NC 27509